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    Migration issues from ATG 10.0.3 to 10.1

      Hi all,

      I am trying to migrate my ATG 10.0.3 to 10.1 version and I am having some issues.
      First: I got success migrating BCC, but I couldn't login with any users, like admin/admin, that I used to login in old version. I tried to update table das_account, but it didn't work. I am always getting wrong password message.

      Second: In 10.0.3, I did my app using CRS, and now I can't find any script to migrate CRS 10.0.3 to 10.1. Because of this, I am getting to much issues in CRS fields, and I think that is necessary some SQL script to do the CRS migration.

      I am using 'Upgrade and Migration Guide 10.0.3 to 10.1' doc to guide me in the tasks.

      Can anyone help me?

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          Gautam Singh
          ATG 10.1 start using a more secure password encryption algorithm so old password won't work, this is true for both internal (BCC and ACC users) and external users (customers).
          You have two options to get around the problem:
          1. Build your application with -layer md5 which will tell ATG to use the old algorithm
          2. Ask all the users to change there password.

          The second problem is because in ATG 10.1 CRS has gone through major change so things might not work if you have applied your customization on CRS module itself. The recommended approach is to create a new module dependent on CRS and put all your customization into your module.
          If you can explain what kind of issue you are facing with your startup log, may be I can help.
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            Hi Gautam Singh,

            My first issue is solved. The -layer md5 works fine. Thanks a lot.
            About my second problem, I'm using a database from version 10.0.3 and I just need SQLs that alter the tables, adding the new 10.1 fields, not SQLs to create the tables, because they already exist.

            Do you know if there is a SQL to do this? It would be a SQL migration, and not the creation of new database tables.


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              Gautam Singh
              Is the application you are talking about is a production application or is something you developed for proof of concept or development training etc
              If its not a production application you should be able to drop and recreate the table and then load a default data provided with ATG 10.1. You might apply your customization changes alter as long as they wont contradict with 10.1 changes.

              If its a production application contact oracle support to see if they can give some direction as I couldn't find any migration steps for CRS based applications.
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                Hi Gautam Singh,

                My application is a production one.
                To get the alter SQLs I did a comparison with 10.0.3 database and 10.1 database using SQLDeveloper Compare function, and I could got the alter SQLs that I needed.

                I got the Migration kits from Oracle to migrate to ATG 10.1, but I couldn't find any SQL to migrate CRS application, and the only way I found was compare the two databases.
                Now my application is running well about SQLs issues.

                Thanks for all help