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Cfgadm -c configure failures

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We are trying to host our Storage Tek CSM200_R on a new Solaris 10 server and are running into errors when trying to configure the controller with cfgadm. The server is connected to a Qlogic fibre switch as well as the Storage Tek. We can see the fabric and the controller WWNs, but when we run cfgadm -c configure c2 we see the following output:

# cfgadm -c configure c2
cfgadm: Library error: failed to create device node: 201400a0b848a61c: Invalid argument
failed to create device node: 201500a0b848a61c: Invalid argument
Operation partially successful. Some failures seen

The devices are showing up in cfgadm -al but obviously they are unconfigured.

Any ideas as to how to correct this?

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    Can you show result of command:
    cfgadm -al -o show_FCP_dev

    Are you map some Luns from array to this server ?

    You use default storage domain or host group ?

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    Thank you for reply!

    Here is output:

    # cfgadm -al -o show_FCP_dev
    Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
    c2 fc-fabric connected configured unknown
    c2::201400a0b848a61c disk connected unconfigured unknown
    c2::201500a0b848a61c disk connected unconfigured unknown
    c2::21000024ff22f691 unknown connected unconfigured unknown
    c2::21110090a500365d,0 tape connected configured unknown
    c2::21120090a500365d unavailable connected unconfigured failed
    c2::21130090a500365d,0 tape connected configured unknown
    c2::21140090a500365d,0 tape connected configured unknown
    c2::211f0090a500365d,0 med-changer connected configured unknown
    c3 fc-fabric connected configured unknown
    c3::201400a0b848a61c disk connected unconfigured unknown
    c3::201500a0b848a61c disk connected unconfigured unknown
    c3::21000024ff22f690 unknown connected unconfigured unknown
    c3::21110090a500365d,0 tape connected configured unknown
    c3::21120090a500365d unavailable connected unconfigured failed
    c3::21130090a500365d,0 tape connected configured unknown
    c3::21140090a500365d,0 tape connected configured unknown
    c3::211f0090a500365d,0 med-changer connected configured unknown

    Not sure I understand your other 2 questions. We are trying to map all existing LUNs to this server. Only problem is we can only see the fabric and the controller WWNs and not the individual disks attached. Once we see the disks, we are hoping to copy over the SAMQFS mcf file and other configs to bring LUNs back up.

    Thanks again for your time!
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    Hi. It is look like you not map any volumes from array to this server.
    General steps for connect array:
    1. Create volume on array. ( include creating disk if need)
    2. Create (register wwn) host on array. This step can be ignored in case used default storage domain
    3. Map volumes to host. Section mapping at CAM

    At this moment your server do not see any available LUN from array.



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