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    Export error "connection is required"

      I am in a SQL Developer worksheet, connected, I can run queries etc without a problem. However, when I attempt to export the results the wizard comes up with a blank connection dropdown. Clicking on Next brings up the error dialog Validation failed with the message "connection is required".

      The connection dropdown of the worksheet is also greyed out. I assume this is related to the failure to pass the connection to the Export Wizard. The workaround is to just log out and log back in, but this has happened several times over the last couple of days, and it's started to get provoking. So I'd welcome a more satisfactory solution.

      The version is : 3.0.04.

      Cheers, APC

      BTW the tabs of the affected worksheets have the Worksheet icon but decorated by a yellow start with a red outline (or it may be Chaos symbol, it's too small to tell). This might be a red herring, but info on the meaning of all the SQL Dev icons seems hard to come by.