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    fix left side of SplitPane

      Hi, i have several questions, plz answer them.

      1) I have a horizontal scroll pane SplitPane with 2 parts separated by a divider at .3 position and i want to fix the left part of it even though the window is maximized. How can i do this.(Normally when we maximize the window the divider is resized, which i don't want)

      2) I have a a new stage(secondary) created from another stage(parent say).I used 2 radio buttons on secondary stage with 1st being selected (default) and both of them belong to a single toggle group. But the problem is that when 2nd radio is selected, the 1st is not de-selected.

      3) I have 3 menus.There are 2 menu items and a sub-menu(with 3 items) in the 1st menu. When i click a menuItem at run time i want to know the name of the menu/submenu to which it belongs. How can i do ?
      (Every menuitem is setOnMouseClickedEvent )

      Please suggest some codes.

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