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    Apex Listener 2.0 + Apex 4.2.1 using Glassfish 3, 404 page error

      Unable to get default Apex login screen after upgrade

      Our Environment:
      Oracle on Linux x86 64 bit
      Glassfish 3.1.2
      Apex 4.1 upgraded to Apex 4.2.1

      What I did:
      Completed installed of Apex 4.2.1 patch (14732511) on top of Apex 4.2.0
      Verified that APEX_PUBLIC_USER password the same, and working.
      Copied images to glassfish docroot to "i" subdirectory

      Setting up Apex Listener 2.0 (
      java -jar apex.war configdir OURPATH/config
      java -jar apex.war user adminlistener "Listener Administrator"
      java -jar apex.war setup --database ourdatabase
      java -jar apex.war static OURPATH/glassfish3/glassfish/domains/domain1/docroot/i

      In glassfish console:
      removed existing Apex application, and installed new apex.war with context path as /apex
      installed i.war as "apeximages" with empty context path

      When attempting to connect to our server (http://OURSERVER/apex), I get ORACLE APPLICATION LISTENER with 404 - Not Found

      Checked if database listener status; it is up. And reentered APEX_PUBLIC_USER password at the apex.war setup step. Still not working.

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