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    Retrieve Data from Oracle Express DB files

      Hi team,

      We have an application running on Oracle 8i and Oracle Express Server 6.3.2 (Multidimensional data).There is a front end package built on top of Oracle Express Server 6.3.2.

      The data in the Express DB files reflects in the front-end.

      Examples for Express DB files :


      The file extension is .db and these .db files represents Multidimensional data.

      Please let us know is there is any way to query on Express DB files for retrieving the data with minimum effort.

      And also suggest on migrating Express DB files in to relational database.

      Please give me a call on +614 275 11 862(Australia) in case of any concerns.

      Thank you.
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          Two questions first

          1) Do you want to convert your multidimensional data relationally?
          Just asking although I doubt it as you already have the data stored relationally
          2) Do you want to migrate from Oracle 8i to the current version Oracle 11g?

          My advice on this is either solution a) or b) below

          a) it would be best to build a new AW from scratch on 11g and map the cubes to your relational tables accordingly. Oracle has implemented many good features which really speeds up cube build in oracle 11g
          You will notice the speed when comparing cube build time against the old-school way of population oracle express cubes
          b) It is also possible to create an AW in Oracle 11 g and import the Express db ( + eif) files into the AW

          I would refrain from doing it as describes in option b). It is just too cumbersome and you really need to do much behind the scenes to make your AW work.
          I was also faced with the same problem when migrating from Oracle express 6.3.4 and just decided to implement as explained in (a). It was just easier and faster.
          adjusting your frontend tool to access Oracle OLAP cubes in 11g should be a big a big issue either as you can use OLAP DML to talk to oracle OLAP native objects ( live Valuesets relations etc) . If you need some tips then just let me know