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      I have been assigned the task of getting a website built for my company. I have built a website in Pretashop previously (nothing to do with currect company) called http://www.shreddersdirect.com.au to sell shredders, office shredders, business shredders and the likes. My boss wants me to look at Oracle as we have Orcale CRM and outsource this project.

      How is this e-commerce software? What type of website have been built using it. If you have any examples please let me know. I will check this post regularly.

      Thanks for yor help, appologies for being ambigous
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          Pradeep Kalyan
          Hi Peter,

          If you have Oracle CRM and Inventory in place , then setting up Oracle iStore is very easy for you.

          Oracle iStore does not need to be built unless you plan to customize it according to your requirement.

          If you want to customize the iStore application,any person with knowledge of Java and little iStore knowledge will be enough to build it technically.

          If you not plan to customize it, then functional consultant would be able to design it according to your requirement in a very short span of time.

          Below are the sample iStore used by other organization,





          If you need any functional help, please get in touch with me at pradeepkalyan@gmail.com