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    OVM has Virtual Network or Virtual Switch?

      Hi, All.

      I'm looking into OVM's network system. The following is URL that explained OVM's network function.


      I've read all of that. but it seems to me that they just combined 'Bridge' and 'Bonding'. I know that OVM has VLAN function.(It can say Virtual Network?)

      Does anyone have opinion about that?

      Thanks for your kindness,

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          OpenVSwitch has been a part of the Linux Kernel for a while now. The UEK2 Kernel beta included OpenVSwitch. I don't know if it made it into the final release but I don't see why it didn't. The final release notes do not mention it.


          Some of the advanced VLAN features of Oracle VM 3.1.1 would make me think it has been included. Is there a specific vSwitch feature that you are looking to use?
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            Hi, Thank you for replying.
            I found a site about OVM's networking. I am to understand that OVM has part of Open vSwitch function. but not all of it. (If I'm not wrong)


            I also tried to find document about Open vSwitch. but There is no documents .

            Thank you.