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    Popular product search- Analytics


      We are working on an Endeca Powered web application, Where we need to provide data related to popular product search on various web pages in the site.

      This data is expected to be provided by Endeca. Is there any out of the box feature in Endeca which can provide this information. I find some documentation related to Analytics in Endeca, Which talks of some APIs.

      But How this can be achieved. These APIs will need to fetch some data prepared for this purpose.

      How can I achieve Analytics feature in Endeca.

      Thanks in Advance

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          Dan at Branchbird
          Hi Sachin,

          This requirement seems eerily similar to what we refer to as "closed-loop" merchandising, where you ingest information about search activity back into the Endeca MDEX engine to help compliment and influence they manner in which products are presented to the end user (e.g. influence search relevancy, help target most popular products, etc.).

          If you already have an integration with a web usage reporting tool (Coremetrics, Omniture, etc.), you can take specific extracts from those tools around most popular search terms, most popular refinements, etc, and feed that back in to the MDEX engine. You could use this data to stand alone as its own new "record type" to allow the front-end application to just serve up information about search behavior. Or you could use some of this information to further compliment your product records (e.g. p_number_of_product_views=500) and help influence relevancy and targeted merchandising. Or Both.

          If you're not using one of the web usage reporting tools mentioned above, you might look at leveraging the Endeca Logging Server. You can read more about it here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29585_01/PlatformServices.61x/LogServerReportGen.pdf

          Lastly, if you're looking to display this data related to popular product search using visualizations or you need to summarize the data at query time, I suggest you look at leveraging Endeca analytics: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E38682_01/MDEX.640/pdf/AnalyticsGuide.pdf

          Hope this helps,
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            Thanks Dan for sharing useful information.

            I go through the doucmentation and seems we need to first configure front end(web) application to use the logging api to log the desired search/navigation happening in the site to the log server. Endeca has the ability to consolidate the logged in data to provide analytics information.

            Is my understanding is corret ?

            have you used the Endeca Analytics API in any application.

            Thanks in advance.

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              I was trying to understand Endeca Analytics using the jspref application, But I am getting error "query errors: Analytics evaluation failed: Analytics not enabled.".

              Please let me know how to resolve this error. Seeing the error, I could make out that Analytics is not enabled. What should be done to make the analytics enabled.

              Sachin Srivastava
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                Enable analytics in ProductConfig.xml file. Make sure you make change to the file in ENDECA_ROOT/conf directory, not the ProductConfig.xml
                that is in the ENDECA_MDEX_ROOT/conf directory. On my local the correct path is

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                  Branchbird - Pat
                  One quick clarification...the ENDECA_MDEX_ROOT will look something like this:


                  rather than PlatformServices.

                  Patrick Rafferty

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                    Thanks for sharing the information. Endeca Analytics is now working.
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                      If we are requesting for "Oracle Endeca Guided Search" license, do we need to request for separate license for Logging and Reporting module.