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    JavaFX2 database connection and stratup project

      Hi guys,
      i started using Netbeans IDE a couple of mounths ago and i found this IDE fantastic for application desktop.
      Usually,I have more experience in embedded systems and MPLAB IDE.

      My project consist in the following :

      -Realizing a GUI (or UI) application that accesses mySQL databse and allows datamanaging (Consulting, reading,updating, deleting....sort of CRUD application).

      I have followed many netbeans tutorials and now i would like some advise about how to startup this project.
      My client wants a nice and shapebable enhanced and personalize GUI (thats why i m thinking of using JavaFX builder).
      My issue is how i can acces my database from my FXml UI .... with netbeans IDE GUI, its quite simple with the tutorials... but the GUI enhancing doesn t exist like with javaFX Scene builder....

      I followed oracle javaFX " isuueTracking" tutorial that allows to work swithing between netbeans IDE and JavaFX scene builder....

      Can you guys give me some guidelines of how i should strart up this project. I also though in realizing Netbeans platform tutorial in order to avoid "Spaguetti coding" and think more in the future maintenance of my application.

      -Shall i emphasize more in netbeans platform for modular development ( do all the tutorials and understand the principal API...)? Should i start from here?
      NExt step woul be like developping my framework (with JavaFX Scene builder)
      And finally do my database connection and develop the classes for viewing-updating-editing-deleting....

      Thanks in advance and sorry if i miss-understood some concepts.
      If you know in tutorial for this purpose .... dont hesitate.