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    Xen HVM PV drivers Oracle Enterprise 6

    jasper klerks

      We have just started working with Oracle vm.
      The first virtual machines have been created as Xen HVM PV drivers.
      We have used Oracle Enterprise 6 update 3 as os.

      And now we want to install the pv drivers.
      But these pv drivers and kernel cannot be found n the public yum repository for Oracle Enterprise 6 update 3.

      Where can we get the kernel and pv drivers ?


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          The PV drivers should be native. No need to load then. I believe they have been incorporated in most Xen kernels since 2.6.32.x I don't see why OEL 6 would be any different.... but I am not 100 percent sure if the OEL kernel fork has them or not. I don't see why they wouldn't.

          Keep in mind that when running Oracle products on Oracle VM guests.... you must use PVM guests to get support. I haven't check all the requirements of every app but I know several that require PVM guests. RAC is only supported on PVM.

          Check out article 464754.1