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    AWM Connection Error

      Hi all,

      I have been trying to connect to our database using AWM. Here are the versions:

      AWM: awm112030A_Standalone
      Client Machine:Linux machine

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
      With the Partitioning, Real Application Clusters, OLAP, Data Mining
      and Real Application Testing options

      Whenever I try to connect to the database i have been getting this error

      "This version of Analytic Workspace Manager is incompatible with the database instance.The Analytic Workspace Manager version and database compatible version is 11.2.0."

      Which version of Analytic Workspace Manager can I use to get connected to the database?

      Where can I get the installation files for that version?

      Thanks in advance.

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          The version of AWM that you have should work against an database. I noticed that the error message you quoted is a little garbled. (e.g. "Analtic Workspace Manager" instead of "Analytic Workspace Manager" and "version ans database".) Could you please verify that the message is correct or repost the original message?
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            There is no need to post the error message. The AWM team believes this is a recently discovered bug.


            The problem, aparently, is that your database compatibility mode (11.2.0) is shorter than your AWM version ( and the comparison algorithm gets confused. If your database compatibility mode were, for example, then things would be fine.

            The good news is that you should be able work around the problem by adding this line to your awm.properties file (located with your AWM installation) and restarting AWM.
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              Thanks David,
              Your approach solved my problem and AWM started.