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    How to disable padded spaces in elements of B2B generated Outbound EDI 850.

      Hi All,

      We are able configure the Oracle B2B Outbound EDI 850 purchase order successfully and tested it is working fine and generating a EDI file.

      The problem is generated EDI file has two issues:

      1. Data getting generated in single line.
      2. Element contains padded spaces if value present is less than maximum length.

      ISA*00* *00* * * * * *130111*0616*U*00401*100000080*0*P*+~GS*PO* * *20130111*0616*1080*X*004010~ST*850*2d3437353~BEG*00*SA*1000170 *0 ********20121211~CUR*ZZ*USD ~REF*1A*55894~PER*BD*Paul Sharpe ~FOB*DF*OR*FOB ~DTM*010~TD5**92*?????*ODCN ~N1*VN* ZZ1000057 ~N3*1716 Flat River Drive                   ~N4Charlotte NC                  US                  ~N1ST*Mount Hope Plant ZZOH Mt Hope ~N3*4405 County Rd 160 * ~N4*Mount Hope Holmes                   44660 ~PO1*1 *1 Pounds                   4 **VN* ~PID*"F"****CRP0 COIL STEEL ITEM ~DTM*002*20121211~PO1*2 *2 Each                     3 **VN* ~PID*"F"****PRIME PAINT,WHITE ~DTM*002*20121211~CTT*2~SE*22*353331303~GE*1*1080~IEA*1*100000080~

      Please help me in resolving this issue.