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    Connect to SFTP using certificate and private key using Java (11.2 Oracle)


      I used Private key once with SFTP sites using Oracle's Java features (I used this in PLSQL developer), as shown below, and it worked fine.

      conn = new Connection(SFTP_site_IP_Address);
      File keyfile = new File(RSA_Path); // where it contains the RSA key
      boolean tKeyAuthentication = true;
      isAuthenticated = conn.authenticateWithPublicKey(inUser_ID, keyfile, null);

      Now I need to connect to a different SFTP site, but they said I need not only a private key, but also a certificate (which was provided by them)
      My question is, what function to call to initiate the SFTP connection using both RSA key and digital certificate?
      I did my research on Google, i found this:

      InputStream key = new FileInputStream("certs/demokey.pem");
      InputStream cert = new FileInputStream("certs/democert.pem"); // wrap input streams if key/cert are in pem files
      key = new PEMInputStream(key);
      cert = new PEMInputStream(cert);
      env.setSSLClientCertificate(new InputStream[] { key, cert});

      Is this the proper way to connect to SFTP using both certificate and private key?

      Much appreciated,