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    EDQ Job Phases

      I have a series of processes that create staged data, manipulate various bits, stitch together again and then create reports on the new data.

      I am trying to set it up as a Job that you can run and it does everything in order but have a problem with the timings.

      I have setup each phase as a separate job and when I run each individually in order I get the desired results, so I have then tried creating another Job that runs all the others in order.

      I have created a new phase for each sub job and set them to execute on success, I have set the job triggers within each phase to start after the phase is called but when I run the master job everything fires off at once causing the reporting process to fail as the staged data isnt ready for it.

      any help is appreciated.
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          The triggers to launch other jobs never wait, so it is not possible currently to construct 'jobs of jobs' in this way.

          You should construct a single job to do what you want with several phases. You can then use Run Profiles to switch phases on and off, and/or vary the sources/targets of data and any other configuration options at runtime as required.