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    WORKSPACE_IMAGES definition

    Matt Barnhart
      Currently we upload all our images, .css, and .js files into the database via the shared components. We want to move them out of the database into a filesystem on the database server for caching reasons. Is there a way to change the #WORKSPACE_IMAGES# variable to look into a directory on the database server? We are using the mod_plsql http server connection. Thanks.
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          Ramesh P, Oracle APEX Developer
          If I understand correctly.
          You have an application where you are currently referring to #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#.
          As you guys moved to file system on one for your servers, you want substitution string for #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#.
          You cannot overwrite default behavior.
          You can do like this.

          Import the application, open the .sql file in a notepad++ and use replace string for #WORKSPACE_IMAGES# with your local address such as 'i/images/local_images/' something like this.