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    Transfer workbook to new Discoverer platform?

      Can take existing workbook queries and add them to new Discoverer without recreating each condition?

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          Michael Armstrong-Smith
          You cannot do this in the Admin tool neither can you do this using Plus or Viewer.

          However, if you have Desktop you can copy sheets between workbooks by holding down the CTRL key then clicking on the worksheet name and dragging it into the other workbook. If you want to create a new workbook you can drag the sheet into space and Discoverer creates a new book. Discoverer will automatically copy and create any conditions and calculations that it needs.

          Let me repeat:

          In Desktop, open two workbooks and have them both displayed on the screen by selecting 'Tile Horizontally' from the Window menu.

          Left click on the worksheet tab of the sheet to move and drag into the worksheet tab area of the destination workbook.

          If you want to make a copy instead of a move then hold down the CTRL key at the same time as dragging from to destination workbook.

          Note: be careful though because if you drag without using the CTRL key you will cut the worksheet out of its original workbook. If you just drag (move) then you are only able to place the worksheet before an existing one in the destination workbook. If you CTRLdrag (copy) then you are able to place the copied worksheet at the end. And dragging into empty space will create a new workbook.+

          Hope this helps
          Best wishes