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    Automatic startup of admin server + managed server on Windws

    Nilo Segura

      I have installed/configured WLS 10.3.6 + Forms/Reports on Windows 2008 R2. All this went ok with no errors.

      The NodeManager is installed as a service and runs happily after every reboot of the server. OPMN does it as well.

      I can connect to the NodeManager with WLST and start/stop/status the Admin Server and the managed servers (WLS_FORMS,WLS_REPORTS) created during the
      the installation/configuration step. Each server has the username/password defined (and already encrypted).

      However, when I restart the Windows Server, neither the Admin Server nor the WLS_x servers are started during the boot.

      I thought that the configuration process was in charge of setting all this, that was my experience with the previous version Oracle Internet Application Server (iAS) 10.1.2.x (opmn running as a service started them all).

      I have run through the installation/configuration docs, and found nothing that says that Oracle will configure (or not) the automatic startup.

      1) Is the Oracle configuration process (the one that creates the ClassicDomain) supposed to configure the automatic startup of the admin server + managed servers in this setup ? Am I missing perhaps some extra steps ?


      2) Do I have to create WLST scripts (that connect to the NodeManager and start the admin server + managed servers) and deploy them as Windows Services myself ?