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    Application based on JAX-WS running slow on AIX 3.5 of 64 bits

      Hi all,

      I’m running a java web service based on JAX-WS the release included in java6, this application load the information from tables to data structures in memory such as hash map, and has it available for a client application that consume it.
      My problem is that when I run my application on windows the time of processing is acceptable but when I try to run the same application on AIX 3.5 of 64 bits the communication between client and the web service is up 10 times slower.
      I tried the following test.
      Run the WS and client in the same windows server its success (fast)
      Run the WS in a windows server the client in my windows 7 laptop the result is success (fast)
      Run the Web Service on windows server and the client in AIX server this is slow
      Run the Web Service on the same AIX server that the client it is slow
      When I run the applications, I compile it whit the java6_64 version and run whit –d64 option on AIX