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    How to retrive List of Approvers displayed in Repository Contracts ?

    Anil Aadimulam-Oracle
      Hi Gurus,

      I am looking for help to find table/view/query which is used retrieve list of Approvers that are shown in Approvers Region of Repository Contract in History Tab.

      Navigation : Contracts Workbench Administrator > Contracts > Search for Contract which is pending for approval > View/Open Contract document > go to History Tab

      I want to know what is the SQL/Table/view which has the list of Approvers displayed under Approvers region

      I know Approval Action history is stored in OKC_REP_CON_APPROVALS , but i am unable to find what is the table/view/sql which is written to get the list of Approvers displayed in Approvers region

      The controller class used for this region is : oracle.apps.ame.dynamicapprovals.webui.ApproversListTableCO

      Details extracted from Personalization screen is below

      Scope : Region: Approvers
      Document Name : /oracle/apps/ame/dynamicapprovals/webui/ApproversRN
      Function : OKC Repository Contract Details Page
      Site : Include