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    EmployeeDetailsVO extension

      I copied EmployeeDetailsVO.xml and EmployeeDetailsVO.class from server into my local I place the said files in myclass and myProjects
      I converted the .class into .java
      and I was able to modify the sql script after taht when I was trying to make and rebuild I am getting the below error message.
      "Error(9,48): PerOAViewObjectImpl not found in class oracle.apps.per.selfservice.mgrviews.server.EmployeeDetailsVOImpl in class wssc.oracle.apps.per.selfservice.mgrviews.server.wsscEmployeeDetailsVOImpl"

      can any one help me with this error .

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          Kalimuthu V-Oracle
          When you try to do VO Substitution, you have to have all the related VO , EO in my classes and my projects.
          Looks like your employee VO is extended from PerOAViewObjectImpl, get the PerOAViewObjectImpl file and try the extn.


          With regards,
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            I brought complete per directory and placed under my classes and when I am trying to extend I am gettign this error message on the seeded page
            Error(113,15): undefined label: MISSING_BLOCK_LABEL_144
            Error(115,9): not an expression statement
            Error(125,15): variable exception2 might not have been initialized
            Error(125,15): unreported exception: class java.lang.Exception; must be caught or declared to be thrown
            Error(126,16): statement not reachable"
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              The error may be because your decompiler not performing decompilation correctly.
              In jDeveloper you can comment the code which is throwing error in Seeded Java file to get it compiled.

              Ganga Ram Dhungana