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    Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS not working

      Whenever a user's OIM attribute is modified, I want that value to be pushed to the user's AD resource. I am not able to get this to work.

      Here are the steps I took:
      In the Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS, I added the code key (attribute column name in usr table) and decode (Name of the process task).
      In the AD User Process Definition, I added the task (same name as the decode) attached with an out of the box adapter called "adpADIDCRETURNTEXTVALUE". Also, I created an Updated task for that attribute.

      I've validated these process tasks by manually going into a user's AD resource history and calling the process tasks. This works fine.
      My issue here is whenever I change the user's OIM attribute, my process task for that attribute does not get called. I do not see this task in the AD resource history.

      I am only able to get the "Change User Password" task to work (gets triggered whenever reset password happens). My custom ones and the other out of the box tasks doesn't work.

      What is the reason for this? Do I need to set a system property for this? Is it possible my event handlers (User) are interfering?