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    SQL Loader error on Fields terminated and optionally enclosed

      When you have fields terminated and optionally enclosed, you should be able to have the enclosure characters within the data by doubling them.
      So if I have fields terminated by '|' optionally enclosed by '"' and my data has a double quote in it, I can get SQL Loader to take it by replacing the double quote with two double quotes.
      But this doesn't always work. For some reason the following string gets the error "no terminator found after TERMINATED and ENCLOSED field"
      |"TRO2 ldj?=)(/&%ç*""aàéè_:;!àèé,jpdjbdbd"|
      Apparently having the double quote immediately after an asterisk makes SQL Loader not see the second double quote. If I edit it and remove the two double quotes it loads OK. Also if I change the string to
      |"TRO2 ldj?=)(/&%ç*aà""éè_:;!àèé,jpdjbdbd"|
      Moving the double quote away from the asterisk it loads OK.
      Anybody encounter this problem before?