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    New-Report Issue In SQR

      Hi All,

      I have two reports in a sqr ,one is error report and the other is billing report,and i need send these two report as attached to a team,all these should be done in one sqr,so i use new-report function to generate billing report,in this case,we can open PDF from email successfully,however,I face a problem because of this.

      That is I can only find one row in billing report,and i use show method it shows at least two emplids come to this billing report procedure,and one more thing ,i use print method to generate report.

      Can anyone help me on this,many thanks.

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          Can you share the sample code of the logic used by you to create new-report and print....also specify the order in which you execute the new-report and print (for both reports). I think i know the issue but need to be sure on that.