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    error while installing weblogic server

      Dear all,

      i have install oracle database 11g r2 64bit on windows 7 64bit.

      i download weblogic server ofm_rcu_win32_11.

      i want to install it, i run the rcu from C:\ofm_rcu_win32_11.\rcuHome\BIN directory.
      it give the following error
      windows cannot find "C:download", make sure you type the name correctly.

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          Carlos Cortez
          Hi Maahjoor,

          this ofm_rcu_win32_11. is not the weblogic's installers, is RCU.

          If you want to install Weblogic you don't need RCU, RCU has been made to create schemas which are needed for some types of installation like SOA suite, BI Publisher etc.

          You can get Weblogic installer from this url:


          To install Weblogic you only need a JDK 1.6 or a JRockit 1.6

          Hope this clarify your doubt :)