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      Hi all ,

      oracle 11g.2 ASM with RAC under RHEL 5

      we have 2 table same structure one of them is empty and the pther one is contain data
      the vendor do the insert as select but i found he is wrong due to there duplicated ,

      now i want to use export and then rename the table and then import
      but i need with export do a condition

      exp user/pass tables=MTR_EPPC_CALLED_DATA file=MTR_EPPC_CALLED_DATA.dmp query="where callstarttime >=to_date('01122012','ddmmyyyy')
      and callstarttime <=to_date('31122012','ddmmyyyy')"

      but it's seem the query take one condition how can i use this above condition in export ???

      also my friend say there is way to insert with rowid is this possible ??? share with me or link.