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    Unable to create New OS Update Job


      I'm trying to patch a solaris box using Ops Center in disconnected mode. I'm facing a few issues when doing the same.

      1. I've downloaded the latest recommended patch cluster from Oracle. Where should I upload this zip file in Ops center in order to apply this patch cluster on to the target?

      2. I created the target solaris box as an asset successfully, but when I click on it, on the actions pane everything under Update section including "New Update OS job" is greyed out. I'm not even able to create a baseline report since the target systems are greyed out on that dialog.

      I tried to search in Oracle KB and found one article 1475334.1 which discusses this issue (though i'm never getting the error mentioned in the article). I tried the steps given in that but still didn't work. This is my agent version as reported by pkginfo for the SUNWscn-update-agent package. I believe this is the latest.

      Pls help me to resolve this issue asap.