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    oracleInventory directory location question

      During installation of any Fusion Middleware component for a fresh install,
      the installer asks for home directory for oracleInventory
      and once entered the installation proceeds.

      Please confirm if following is true
      1. This oracleInventory directory is used to keep log of the installs

      However, after deinstall and re-installing, the installer does not ask for
      oracleInventory directory. It uses the one previously used.
      2. Question: How does or where does the installer record the home directory for

      3. Question: If one were to chane this directory location for oracleInventory, for a fresh install,
      then how to guide the installer to use ask for a new location for oracleInventory?

      4. Question: Is it ok to delete the oracleInventory directory after an install is completed?
      Or would it affect normal operation of the installed product?