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    PLSQL-Developer and SSH

      Have access to Linux server where is running Oracle DB. I know only root pass, nothing more.

      Using Putty can connect to console of server using root account, then "su oracle", then conn / as sysdba. All good.

      But it's possible connect to DB from my PC using PLSQL-Developer???

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          Of course though I question the sanity of anyone that has given root access to a database server to someone that doesn't know how to do something as basic as the question you are asking.

          I will be glad to help you continue but please convince me that you have a legitimate reason for wanting to do so. Right now your post reads like "I am breaking into ..." and I will not help you further unless you can change that perception.

          I encourage others here at the forum to also offer no help unless the OP can convincingly demonstrate a legitimate reason to be doing this.
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            Sorry,Iam new here how can i ask a question?

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              damorgan, I understand you.

              I'm administrator of servers but Database. Any way I have access to data, and DB admin accepts it.

              Let's come back to my question.

              To be more detailed, I don't talking to encrypt my connection using ssh, I need that PLSQL-Developer should work through SQL*plus on server side, but not directly on port 1521.
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                Here's the problem when I read what you wrote:

                1. In any decent IT shop the only person that has the root password is a UNIX system admin
                2. No UNIX system admin should ever have database access
                3. No UNIX system admin should ever connect to a database with a development tool
                4. PL/SQL Developer and SQL*Plus are two entirely different tools and any DBA or developer would/should know that
                5. You do not seem to have an understanding of how the listener works or connects users to the database

                I will not willingly help anyone break into an Oracle database. I hope no one else here will either. So you need to write a good explanation of who you are, who assigned you to do what you are trying to do, why you can't get support from others in your organization to do it, and explain what you will do if we help you gain access.

                Sorry to put you through this ... but this is an internet forum.
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                  Read the FAQ.