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    Informatica starting help needed

      Dear All,
      Today I installed informatica 9.0.1. When I make new repository in informatica Power center designer then on connection t is asking

      user name
      security domain

      on clicking add domain it is asking

      domain name
      Gateway Host
      Gateway Port.

      Can Anyone help me what value should be there ?

      Ali Haroon
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          I'm not sure about your configuration of repository!.

          Connecting to the domain
          You need to connect from PowerCenter Client to the Informatica domain.
          To connect to the domain:

          On a desktop computer, open the PowerCenter Repository Manager , select the Repositories node in the left-side Navigator, and select Repository > Configure Domains.
          In the Configure Domains dialog box, select Add a new domain .
          In the Add Domain dialog box, enter the following information and click OK:
          Domain Name – The name of the Informatica domain you created during the PowerCenter installation (Domain_<server host name>).
          Gateway Host – The IP address of the server on which PowerCenter is installed.
          Gateway Port – The node port number on the PowerCenter server. Either 6005 if you kept the default during the PowerCenter installation, or whatever port number you used.
          You cannot use HTTPS to connect to the domain, or the HTTPS port number you may have optionally specified for the Informatica Administrator.
          In the Configure Domains dialog box, select the checkbox for the Repository Service you created and click OK.

          Appreciate if you mark as correct