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    System not calculating as mentioned in the price differentials multipliers

      Dear Folks,

      We are using contingent worker functionality in R12.1.3.

      1) For example,we have a PO with line type as rated based temporary labour, UOM as "HR" , unit price as 100 and total amount is 100000.

      2) Mentioned multipliers in PO for price differentials as Holiday as 2 and Overtime as 1.5.

      3) In general working hours in a day is 8 hrs.The calendar defined in the system with Mon-Fri as working days.

      4) Timecard entered in OTL with Sunday as '8' hrs, Monday as '10' hrs.

      5) Whereas system need to calculate as for Sunday 8hrs=>8*100*2=1600 and for Monday =>10hrs=(8*100)+2*100*1.5=1100 in total need to show as 2700.

      6) And those time card details interfaced from OTL to purchasing and it shows as received with an amount of 1800 as received in the PO shipments under more tab.

      System does not calculated as per mentioned price differential multipliers.

      Am i missing any setup?

      Any help will be highly appreciated