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    OSB Error propagation not propagating the original error

      I'm having trouble with understanding how to propagate error from inner to outer flow.

      This is the scenario:
      I have a flow listening on MQ queue, and in turn performs callouts to 3 inner flow's (protocol is local).
      Inside the inner flows there is no error handler, and all the handling is performed at the outer flow.

      The problem is that the error that is being caught is not the one I throw, instead I get a general BEA-380000 error.
      (when I put an error handler at the inner flow and print $fault I see the real error).

      Also I cannot put any "reply" operations inside any error handler because this will commit the XA transaction, and will prevent the message from going to backout queue - which I need to happen.

      How can I make the error propagate correctly?