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    How to create table with dynamic amount of columns which are nested columns

      M trying to fetch data and show in a javaFX table.

      My table displays the details of different items from ItemVO , where :

      public class ItemVO()
      String itemName;
      List<ItemTypeVO> type;

      and My ItemTypeVO has the following attributes :

      public class ItemTypeVO()
      String typeName;
      Integer quantity;
      Integer price;

      Now, i want to display the details of an item in a table in which the itemname and quantity will be displayed, the quantity column will have nested columns showing different types(typeName) as found from List<ItemTypeVO> inside ItemVO.

      This question is similar to this link but my not able to find how to link a list with itemVO for nested columns. :(

      Please help !!

      M still unable to find a solution..

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