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    Not Download file from oracle directory

      I have used the Save to Disk as plug in from this site. {http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/process-type-plugin/savetodisk_167.html}

      I upload file to server location as <b> \\db11g\misappl\kac\my_dir</b> its saved

      *download plug in and create one item with (DB Directory Name,&P2_DOC_FILE_NAME.,rest of thinks empty)

      *Create process -On Submit,after Comp&Validation with(Browse item (P2_DOC_FILE),directory (MY_DIR),filename(P2_DOC_MIME_TYPE),Item with file Name(P2_DOC_FILE_NAME),HashValue(P1_FILEHASH) <b> Condition when  Create button</b>


      *Its working fine', stored the browsed file in server directory.
      <b><font color='red'>How to DML actions for the stored directory file?can i store multiple file at the time with different Sequence number?</font></b>
      create or replace 
      PROCEDURE write_blob_to_file (
         p_file_id   IN NUMBER
        ,p_dir       IN VARCHAR2
         l_blob            BLOB;
         l_blob_length     INTEGER;
         l_out_file        UTL_FILE.file_type;
         l_buffer          RAW (32767);
         l_chunk_size      BINARY_INTEGER := 32767;
         l_blob_position   INTEGER := 1;
         l_file_name       DMS_MASTER.DOC_FILE_NAME%TYPE;
         -- Retrieve the BLOB for reading
           INTO l_blob, l_file_name
           FROM DMS_MASTER
          WHERE DOC_ID = p_file_id;
         -- Retrieve the SIZE of the BLOB
         l_blob_length := DBMS_LOB.getlength (l_blob);
         -- Open a handle to the location where you are going to write the BLOB 
         -- to file.
         -- NOTE: The 'wb' parameter means "write in byte mode" and is only
         --       available in the UTL_FILE package with Oracle 10g or later
         l_out_file :=
            UTL_FILE.fopen (
              ,'wb' -- important. If ony w then extra carriage return/line brake
         -- Write the BLOB to file in chunks
         WHILE l_blob_position <= l_blob_length
            IF l_blob_position + l_chunk_size - 1 > l_blob_length
               l_chunk_size := l_blob_length - l_blob_position + 1;
            END IF;
            DBMS_LOB.read (
            UTL_FILE.put_raw (l_out_file, l_buffer, TRUE);
            l_blob_position := l_blob_position + l_chunk_size;
         END LOOP;
         -- Close the file handle
         UTL_FILE.fclose (l_out_file);
      END write_blob_to_file;