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    Revenue Hard Limit for Program Projects Funded by a Single Agreement

      Hello All
      We have the following Scenario
      1) Project A and B are Liked to each other using Program functionality or using Project-Sub Project Functionality.

      2) We have one agreement of USD 100,000 funding both projects are funded in the way explained below

      Project      Funding
      -------          -------          
      Project A     40000
      Project B     60000

      Is there a way that can we can ensure that revenue hard limit is ensured at the Program level instead of the Project level?
      For example
      Given Project B has recognized revenue of 30000 USD can Project A recognize Revenue of 70000 as the total agreement is 100000 USD. Means Project A can consume funds allocated to Project B as these projects are interlinked. So that it is ensure that the total revenue recognized by both these projects is not more than 1,00,000 USD.

      I am aware of manual reallocation Process of Funds, but is there a automatic way thru standard functionality.


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