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    Retropay limited to one element

      Is there a way to force retropay to caclulate for all elements even if the result might be 0?
      If I make a change to an element, say Basic Salary after payroll has been run in the previous month, then run retropay by element, in the next month I can see a Basic Salary Retro element. But what if there are other elements that depend on the value of basic salary, shoudn't they be recalculated as well? I ran into this issue with proration earier and I'm very unhappy to see the same nonsense repeat itself with retropay. The last legislation I worked with didn't behave like this to the best of my knowledge (working with Saudi a.t.m) so I'm thinking this might be a setup issue
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          Might this have something to do with the "Table Event Updates" window?
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            OK I figured it out. For the current implementation, we are not using the salary administration window. The total salary is made of basic, housing, transport and this is entered manually.
            If these elements were calculated from the formula a change in the annual salary would trigger proration or retropay in all.
            For a workaround, I am going to create an annual salary element, then try to build a user hook to update this each time a change is made to one of the standard elements.
            Just need to figure out how to build user hooks for PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRIES table.
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              Giuseppe Bonavita
              you might also include a recurring element and attach a formula to it.
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                ok got the answer to this one.
                to recap.

                say I have 3 elements - basic salary, housing salary and car allowance

                then I have another element , say, motivation allowance
                the formula for motivation allowance is - (basic + housing + car)/30

                If I make a change to only basic, and run retropay, by default, I only get a basic salary retro element. the motivation allowance is not recalculated.
                To solve this, we do the following:

                Go to Payroll -> Element Set

                Create a new element set with type - Event Model Set
                Then include the elements, basic, housing, car and motivation allowance

                Now, we head to Other Definitions -> Event Group
                We find our event group for retropay (typically Entry Changes)

                Find or create datetrack event:

                Datetrack Update for PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRY_VALUES_F, column - SCREEN_ENTRY_VALUE

                Then we click on the "Set Usages" button

                After this, Add our newly created element set to this list

                After this is done, retropay will then be processed for Motivation Allowance as well even though a change wasn't made on it