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    Iprocurement - items - urgent


      urgently need your help on the following - probably easy question for the guru's

      if I create an item in the item master - an inventory item which is stockable but also purchasable etc
      - I create an ASL with this item on
      - I create a BPA with this item on
      - I create a GBPA with this item on etc

      (in R 11i I run the necessary request etc
      how many times this item - I will see that one... (all setup is ok..) in my shop

      4 times ?

      (and in R12) - would that be the same (imagine I have access to view everything in my local content zone etc) - so no limitations...
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          Hi Els,

          In R12, you don't need to run the extract programs to see the items in iProcurement.

          Just create an item using "Purchased Item" template and make sure to update the list price in the purchasing tab.

          Also assign a purchasing category and assign the item to respective item validation org.

          This will make the item available in iProcurement.

          You may also add the item to BPA and approve it to see the item in iProcurement.