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    Iprocurement - R12 - content zones


      is there anyone familiar with customizing the content in R12; the content zones ...?
      reason why I ask
      customer has R11i Iproc in which realms are used ; - customer has customized the realm functionality that items are linked to a Purchasing category - etc etc all ok, but items are also linked to another category lets say 'visualisation category ' with category codes etc.
      in the realms screen we can now link not only the OIP categories but also our visualisation category
      and this whole set is then linked to the user..
      --> so all custo's that at the moment when I want to view an item in Iproc -- system checks who am i, to which set do I belong, if I belong to the realm set -- I can view the item

      now from r11 we have change to r12 -- and this functionality needs to get in there as well ...
      anyone out there who can help

      I though of customizing the content zone categories- lov for categories ... but I do not know what the impact would be ...

      thanks!! would be greatfull as this is a big issue for the customer..
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          Hi Els,

          Below steps will help you to establish the content zone security. Note that content zone security establishes restrictions on purchasing category only.

          1. Created 2 commodity codes C1 and C2 with different set of categories.
          2. Created 2 smart forms SF1 and SF2 and entered one of the categories from the list of categories attached to C1 and C2 commodity codes respectively.
          3. Checked the "Restrict categories to above commodity" checkbox, so that it restricts to the categories mentioned in the respective commodity codes.
          4. Created 2 content zones CZ1 and CZ2 assigned to R1 and R2 responsibility respectively.
          5. Created 2 stores S1 and S2. S1 attached to CZ1 content zone and SF1 smart form and S2 attached to CZ2 content zone and SF2 smart form.
          6. Assigned R1, R2 responsibilty to U1 and U2 users respectively.