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    Generating/Managing Certs for SSL encryption between web and app servers

      I am looking to configure SSL encryption between the Web tier and the app tier at a public sector client. The customer is using Siebel 8.2 running Windows 2008R2. Due to cert limits with the base Siebel product, we plan to install the SSEP.

      The documentation is quite vague on cert management for windows server (ie Please refer to windows documentation)

      What is the best approach to request and manage the certs for use between the Web Server and Siebel Application Servers which run on Windows 2008 R2. Customer is currently using Siebel 8.2.x with plans to install the SSEP

      1) Is the best approach to install IIS on the app server and manage the cert through this process (Customer is concerned about having IIS configured on the application tier)?
      2) Use the Java Keytool to request/manage the cert?
      3) Other?