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    Hierarchy and node URL in DRM 11.1.2

      Need you help in understanding the hierachy and node URL concept in DRM 11.1.2
      What is its use and how it is configured?

      Thanks for your help.
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          Ramesh KJ
          This is a new feature in the DRM latest version in Seems it is used for easy navigation to that particular node or Hierarchy

          Navigation to Hierarchy and Node via URL

          You can directly access a hierarchy or local node in the Data Relationship Management Web
          Client from an external document or program using a context-senstive URL. The URL is
          accessible as a system property for a hierarchy or local node for easy reference and copy-paste
          to another application. If Single Sign On (SSO) or anonymous access is enabled, the user will
          directly navigate to the version, hierarchy, and node with which the URL is associated. If not
          enabled, the user is directed to the login page and upon successful log in, is navigated to the
          hierarchy or node.
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            This can be achieved by configuring the Web Farm on the configuration console. this is what you have to do.


            1. Start Configuration Console and click on Host Machines Tab -> UI Web Servers -> Web Farm
            2. Enter the following
              1. Host Name: localhost (or name of the server where DRM is installed).
              2. Port: 80 (Default)
              3. Path:/drm-web-client (default)
            3. Click on the Test Url to make sure its working.
            4. Click on Save Configuration. (You may have to restart the application if it doesnt work the first time).
            5. Open your version->hierarchy. You should not see the Hierarchy Url property value populated.
            6. You should also be able to get the url for any node within the hierarchy.


            Hope it helps.


            Saravana Janardhan