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    Can i test a CAVS Simulator for a Non AIA Bpel Process.

      Cannot i create a simulator definition in a normal SOA Composite unliek a ABCS which comes for with AIA PIP. If its ABCS then i can see the BPEL COmposite deployd on weblogic and i can easily attach the simulator id to the said ABCS. but I have created a simple SOA Service calling a legacy system. In that case how can i list my SOA Composite in AIA Console to use the CAVS applciaiton to test it.

      I have gone through the documentaiton of CAVS Simualtion and test definitions.it always go with ABCS Testing . Cannot we test a SOA 11g(With out AIA) Project with CAVS. If Yes hwo will be testing it. How will my instance details can be viewed in AIA Console where i can attach the AIA Simulation Definition.