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    Can a composte can directly can call AIA Sync Response SImualtor ?

      Hi ,
      I mean to ask any other service other than AIA requester or AIA provider can call a AIA Sync Simulator. other words Custom flows can be tested by using the AIA Response Simulator?
      I created a simple service which invokes a simulaor service adn get back the response form simulator but when i compile it was throwing errors. Can i call directly aia sync response simulator ?? while invoking the CAVS Service definition the messag defaulted is AnyMessage Type but i was pointing to the actual defiition of target system. As a reslt getiting ORABPEL-09706 assignment error.
      Can i test the SOA applciaitons with CAVS. If yes please let me know how can i test.


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          Yes we can test the custom flows with AIA Sync Response Simulator(Other than AIA Requiestor or Provider Services)

          Steps followed to do it : -
          Source A
          Target B

          Remember target service is not running and wanted to test my bpel flow. So configured the simulator with the request and response of target application in CAVS.

          1.Moved the target WSDL B to ORAMDS.
          2.Then instead of creating a reference in composite from direct end point URL refer it from the MDS Layer.
          3. Enabladed the dynamic partner link adn used a property in composite.xml and assigned the required three variables to endpoint reference variable
          <property name="bpel.preference.IDM_endpoint_url">http://hostname:8001/AIAValidationSystemServlet/syncresponsesimulator?wsdl</property>
          to call the simulator.
          Note: Even you can set the dynamic end point url at run time using the mbean-
          Soa-infra->admistration-M Bean Browser - Oracle.soa.config->server1:soa_server1->SCA,composte-><CompositeName>->SCAComposite.Componentname
          on the right pane click properties under if its sync process u shjould see two properties one is bpel.config.transaction and other is
          endpoint reference url - since we enabled a dynamic partner link.
          At run time follow the approach to change the url to route the request to CAVS and test it.

          If you have any questions you can email me rsssvgopal@gmail.com

          Venugopal SSS RAJA