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    Clustering GlassFish v3

      I can not start a remote instance of glassfish cluster,on Redhat 6

      My config is as follows:

      I have two machines, das_cluster and cluster_2 (with a machine for the database) with the following parameters:

      for the config ssh user glassfish, I proceed as follow:

      1-the generation of the key pair (public & private id_rsa.pub id_dsa) on the DAS machine:
      [user glassfish @ das_cluster] ssh-keygen -t dsa
      2-publishing the public key of the other instances:
      [user glassfish @ das_cluster] scp ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub cluster_2:.ssh/authorized_keys
      3-repeat the same procedure at each instance:
      [user glassfish @ cluster_2] ssh-keygen -t dsa
      [user glassfish @ cluster_2] scp ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub das_cluster:.ssh/authorized_keys
      4-connect multimode apartir DAS:
      [user @ glassfish das_cluster] asadmin
      asadmin> setup-ssh das_cluster cluster_2

      5-das machine : das_cluster, node-1,inst-1

      /etc/hosts (das_cluster)

      @ip_das Das_cluster localhost.localdomain localhost
      ::1 Das_cluster localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
      @ip_host_2 cluster_2
      @ip_host_bd cluster_bdd

      6-remote machine :cluster_2, node-2,inst-2

      /etc/hosts (cluster_2) localhost.localdomain localhost
      ::1 cluster_2.localdomain6 localhost6
      @ip_das Das_cluster
      @ip_host_bd cluster_bdd
      @ip_host_2 cluster_2.localdomain cluster_2

      In the end all seems to work well but to my surprise when I try to start both instances via das, inst-1 start but inst-2 fails with the following message back:

      inst-2: Could not start instance inst-2 on node 2 (cluster_2). Command failed on node 2 (cluster_2): CLI801 Instance is already synchronized There is a process already using the admin port 24848 -- it probably is another instance of a GlassFish server. Command start-local-instance failed. To complete this operation run the following command locally on host cluster_2 from the GlassFish install location /APP/glassfish3: asadmin start-local-instance node 2 sync normal inst-2 The command start-instance executed successfully for: inst-1 The command start-instance failed for: inst-2

      And when I try to start the instance inst-2 localy on the remote machine,it's the same problem, knowing that there is no other process glassfish which is runing on this machine and I check it with the following commands:

      ps aux | grep glassfish
      netstat -aon | grep 4848
      netstat -atunp | grep 24848
      netstat -ln --program | grep 24848.

      Thanks a lot for every one for the attention grant to this message and I will be attentive to your suggestions to solve this problem.

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