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    Modifying root-object (e.g. remove classes which shouldn’t be documented)

      I’m currently working on a doclet which is extending the standard doclet to provide some “extra informations”. (e.g. parse specific information into the method detail section) Hard enough to get this up and running, now I’m struggling with another problem…may you guys can help me out?

      Here is the problem:
      Some of the classes contained in the root-object (RootDocImpl) should not be documented/listed in the final Html output. I think the most convenient solution would be to modify the root-object and remove all “unwanted” classes. Doing it that way, I could simply create a new ClassTree-object and generate the Html-output based on these two object. (Without having to extend the needed *Writer-Classes and checking in each of them for the unwanted classes)
      However, neither I can modify the root-object nor I can find a way to do it. May you can tell me how to do it and give me a hint, respectively?

      Thanks in advance!