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    how to create and delete an Endeca application in Windows

      can you please help me in ,

      how to create and delete an Endeca application inWindows machine not in Linux Machine.

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          Steps to create an Endeca Application are clearly given in Getting Started Guide.

          http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E38680_01/Common.311/pdf/GettingStarted.pdf (Chapter 6 : Deploying a Reference Application)

          If you want to create an endeca application so as to integrate with Product Catalog system such as ATG using ATG 10.1.1 or above , then create an endeca application using the discover-data-catalog-integration reference application. Steps for doing this are documented in ProductCatalogDTGuide

          http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E38679_01/ToolsAndFrameworks.311/pdf/ProductCatalogDTGuide.pdf (Deploying the Product Catalog Application)

          To delete an Endeca Application that you have created in Windows/linux
          1. Navigate to the control directory of the application that you want to remove and execute the script
          runCommand.bat --remove-app (Removes the provisioning information with EAC admin console)
          2. Remove the instance configuration files for the application using the emgr_update command line utility
          emgr_update.bat host localhost:8006 app_name My_app action remove_all_settings prefix My_prefix
          3. You can then explicitly delete the directory in the Endeca_apps directory where you have initially created your application.

          If you are using discover-data-catalog-integration, you can remove the CAS Record Store Instances by navigating to CAS/bin directory and executing
          ./component-manager-cmd.sh delete-component -n {YOUR_APP_RECORD_STORE_NAME}