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    Shared application module datasource and EnvInfoProvider

      I have 2 different applications deployed on weblogic server. These applications use different datasources.

      I also have one ADF Library Jar which has shared application module for lookup data. Datasource in this appModule is dynamicaly set with EnvInfoProvider as explained here:

      When application is deployed, this Library is packaged within application war file and put on server. At first both of the applications work fine, but after a while (one day),
      the Shared appModule of second application gets connected to the wrong datasource: (to the datasource of first application). This problem occurs only with Shared application module.

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          have you verified (e.g. using a print statement) that the two applications run their own instance of the shared AM ?

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            I did. It looks like each application uses its own instance of shared appModule but this module gets connected to the wrong datasource.

            I think the problem is in this method:
            createRootApplicationModule(java.lang.String qualifiedAMDefName, java.lang.String configName).

            I changed it to
            createRootApplicationModule(java.lang.String qualifiedAMDefName, java.lang.String configName, EnvInfoProvider envInfo)
            where envInfo = new MyDynamicEnvInfoProvider().
            It seems to be working so far.

            I am using this method because I have:
            - Localized labels of view attributes in the database.
            - Adf Library with Shared Application module to get those labels.
            - CommonCode project with MyViewDefImpl class which is extended by View Definition. In this class createRootApplicationModule is called, to get labels from database.