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    Questions about using Glossary for name abbreviations

    Kent Graziano
      I have been trying to use a Glossary to translate abbreviations in a reverse engineered relational model to expanded the names in the logical.

      Loc = Location
      Pat = Patient

      If I have a table named Pat_Loc, when I engineer to Logical, I do get an entity named Patient Location (correct). However if I have a table named Doctor_Loc I get an entity named Doctor Loc (incorrect - I expected Doctor Location).

      I have tried this doing both forward and reverse between Logical and Relational and it appears that unless ALL parts of an entity or table name have glossary translations, then NONE of the parts gets translated.

      This is a problem as the existing database used abbreviations only when needed to keep the table name under 30 characters. The abbreviations are standardized but are applied only in some cases. In no case is every part of the table name abbreviated.

      Is this expected behavior, or a bug in 3.3EA1?

      Note: The csv based abbreviations utility seems to work as I would like on relational tables but there does not appear to be a way to apply that list to the logical model.