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    Upgrade installer for 10.3.6

      I was following the upgrade instructions for 10.3.6.


      "+6. From the Release Is: drop-down list, click the arrow next to the Oracle WebLogic Server folder, select the release you want to download, and click Close. (To upgrade to WebLogic Server 10.3.6, select *WLS* from the list.)+"

      In the my oracle support search page, unlike the instruction above, I do not see "WLS" in the drop-down list, but followings are in the list:

      WLS 10.3.6

      Should I select "WLS 10.3.6"? What are "WLS" and "WLS"?

      Thank you.
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          Kishore Rout
          If you want to download WLS10.3.6.0 then you can select "WLS 10.3.6" from the drop down list. WLS,WLS are patch sets released after WLS 10.3.6 to provide fix some of the bugs identified in WLS 10.3.6 release.

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