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    create own data upload wizard

      Hello helpers,

      i have tested the data upload wizard feature in apex 4.2

      while testing i found that if the csv file has carriage returns in some colums the import is not working.

      so i want to create own wizard and want to replace all carriage return before importing.

      I see the file mapping report, but how is this report working ?
      All standard reports do not have input fields such as field mapping lov and numer/date format columns, because the apex array counts only till 49.
      so if i want to rebuild this report i can only have 24 columns, because the apex array counts max. 49 columns.

      apex_item.select_text_from_lov(1,'FIELD_LIST_LOV','NOT USED'),
      apex_item.select_text_from_lov(2,'FIELD_LIST_LOV','NOT USED')
      from own_import_table
      union all
      select col1,col2 from apex_collection;

      This select should work with update process, but when i have more than 49 columns if won't work.

      The data upload feature has two editable lines for the imported data, such as field mapping lov and number/date fromat.

      How to create an identical report with apex ?

      Hope, i have explained comprehensible ?


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