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    Error changing Alias name in ASO DB


      I have written a load rule that will add an alias to an existing member. I have a separate rule file for the default alias table and 1 for another alias table.

      When testing a single Project alias, I am successful adding it to a BSO DB but get an error when I try to update an ASO DB

      Both db's Project dimension is structured the same... Project, Xprojectsparent, level-0 project members

      The tab delimited rule file is level0,project alias0,project
      Data record is X30570 <tab> The Alias

      The error msg is odd ... in that it references an entirely different Level-0 project member name
      \\Outline verification errors: \\Illegal default alias for member X31495

      I have been crawling thru the DBAG, the online EAS help and the forums with no solution.

      Please help